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Monday, February 29, 2016

Ten Apples Up On Top

In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday, we celebrated by reading his books and participating in play activities centered around our favorites.
Ten Apples Up On Top
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One of our all time favorite books!
It's an awesome book for rote counting skills and also beginning addition. The lion had four apples up on top and he added one many does he have now?
We had an apple store set up in our dramatic play area. We loved shopping for apples! We took turns shopping and working at the store. We always enjoy when the cash register is available for play. Dramatic play gives us such great practice in cooperation.  
It also gave us a chance to practice our balancing skills- large motor and small motor...
We had beanbag socks that looked like apples to place on our heads. We were pretty proficient at this when sitting...
and then we got up to walk around. We were quite skilled at this, as well.

We had our pictures taken while balancing so that we could make an accordion style counting book using apple prints for counting. 
Small motor coordination came in to play when we used apple blocks to stack on our "people blocks". Our goal was to see if we could balance "ten on top" without them falling. 
I did it!
Printing with apples always makes for fun times and amazing artwork. 

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