"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million." -Walter Streightiff

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dinosaur Dig

This week brought out the paleontologist in all of us.

To start of these ancient creatures who roamed the earth so many years ago, we read one of our favorite dinosaur books of all times- Dinosaur Roar! We met many dinosaurs and learned their names and characteristics.

In a sensory bin was a dinosaur world with all kinds of dinosaurs roaming around. There were meat eaters, plant eaters, land dinosaurs, flying dinosaurs and those that swam. Amazingly enough they spent the week together in harmony. Even Tyrannosaurus Rex behaved himself.

After reading Dinosaur Dinners
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we tried to decide what kind of dinosaurs we would be- carnivores like t-rex or herbivores like so many of our favorites. The results proved most of us to be omnivores- we liked meat and plants!

We loved reading about Professor Potts who finds some big dinosaur bones and brings them back to his laboratory to reassemble, but the resulting skeletons never seem quite right. It's called Big Old Bones.
Dinosaur bones were brought back from our excavation sight and it was up to us to dig them out. We used special tools like picks and brushes. We had to be careful not to destroy the specimens.

We beebopped with the dinosaurs in Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp,

and then we dipped dinosaurs in paint and they stomped around on paper to make great designs. When our dinosaurs were done dancing, we gave them baths and showers in our dinosaur bathtubs.

We discovered some mysterious eggs in our dinosaur world. Who could have laid them? Could it have been one of our favorites? T-Rex? Brontosaurus? Triceratops? Stegosaurus?

While we waited patiently for the eggs to hatch, we read The Dinosaur Egg Mystery. 

What a surprise when the eggs hatched and the babies were many of our favorites.  

 We read Patrick's Dinosaur
 and What Happened to Patrick's Dinosaur?
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We read several theories about how the dinosaurs became extinct. Could it have been volcanic ash covering the sun and causing the earth to get too cold for the dinosaurs to live? Maybe a huge asteroid hit the earth. 
The last adventure on our dig was to create an erupting volcano!