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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Love and Friendship

Promoting kindness and friendship, we read Heartprints by P.K. Halliman. Throughout the book, there are many different acts of kindness illustrated by the characters in the book and surrounding each act of kindness are lots of heartprints. We talked all week about how we could leave heartprints throughout the day.
Yo Yes
gives a perfect example of  how to make friends and is just an all around fun book to read.
"What makes a good friend?" was the topic of the week. We talked about how to be a good friend- making friends feel better when they're sad or mad, making friends feel welcome and meeting new friends. We role played meeting new friends by introducing ourselves, shaking hands, and saying, "Nice to meet you."

Always a favorite...With hearts galore and lots of stickers and stamps, we had fun working with our friends, making some beautiful valentines.
Speaking of "hearts", we watched and listened to a healthy heart. We placed our hands over our hearts to feel "the beat".
Next, we did exercises to keep our hearts healthy. We had two dice to roll. One had a number from 1-6, and the other had exercises- push ups, sit ups, stretch up high, touch your toes, jump up high and stretch your legs. 
When we were finished, we took turns using a stethoscope to listen to our healthy hearts.
My Friend Bear, Where’s My Teddy? and It’s the Bear! by Jez Alborough, gave us a chance to talk about friendship and how we should treat our friends.
We couldn't talk about love and friendship without candy hearts in all the pretty pastel colors. We were given a baggie filled with them to count, sort and then graph. We talked about most and least. 
We always enjoy marble painting- dipping marbles in paint and then rolling the marble around in cake pan for some awesome designs. It was especially fun in a heart shaped pan. The results, as always were amazing. So much fun!

Follow your heart- we followed a circular trail of hearts. Each heart had a movement printed on it or a song to sing to the next heart- "flutter like a butterfly", "sing ABC's", "spin like a tornado", "sing Twinkle, Twinkle", "walk like a duck", "sing Skidamarink", "hop on one foot", "jump like a rabbit", "Choo choo","hop like a frog", "Run!". 
Heart shaped gumdrops and toothpicks made for a great building and fine motor activity.
Strawberry scented play dough with accessories like rolling pins, heart shaped cookie cutters, red buttons, red and pink straws and more made for great imaginative play and more fine motor fun and it smelled wonderful!
We played friendship games like "Ring Around the Rosy"
and "Friend to Friend"
The Robobots by Matt Novak, helped us to talk about differences and how we can have friends who aren't just like us. Everybody is different and that's okay!
We painted with watercolor paints on "friend" shapes. Each friend is different.
Party time... we  delivered Valentines to our friends.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Lots of pictures of friendship were captured this week...

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