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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tracks June 18, 26-29

We headed down the tracks with trains of all kinds. Woo woo! All Aboard!

We lined up chairs to make a pretend train in which to ride. We had a conductor's hat and a train whistle to blow...
We made a human train and followed the track around the room. We took turns being the engine and the caboose.
As we moved, we sang an oldie, but a goodie:

Here comes the choo choo train
(bend arms at elbows)
Chuggin’ down the track.
(move arms in circular motion)
Now it’s going forward, (forward motion)
Now it’s going back. (backward motion)
Now the bell is ringing, (pretend to ring a bell)
Now the whistle blows. (pretend to pull whistle cord, making whistle sounds)
What a lot of noise it makes everywhere it goes! (hands over ears)

We enjoyed readingTracks by David Galef, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad by Nadine Bernard Westcott, Freight Train by Donald Crews and our favorite- Down By the Station by Will Hillenbrand.
We played a game called "The Railroad Connection".
We had to roll a dice and move to collect cars of different colors. We printed with tracks, spools and play trains.
We printed with tracks and spools and dipped train cars in paint and ran them back and forth across the paper for an interesting effect.
Using the wooden train tracks, we worked together to create a route for our train.  
It was fun to visit Tiny Town and ride the train.

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