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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pizza Party! June 4-8

We started out our Summer Fun with a Pizza Party!

They had a pizza party in The Lady with the Alligator Purse.

Practice makes perfect. We had plenty of practice making pizza in our pretend restaurant.

 Making pizza became art when we created with paper, paint and lots of different utensils.

Paracute play is a favorite activity around here. We made pizzas on the parachute to the tune of "Ring Around the Rosy":
Ring around the pizza
Pepperoni pizza
Add some cheese, lots of cheese
We all fall down!

Playdough gave us lots of practice rolling out the dough.

Before our grand finale, we read The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) by Philemon Sturgess.

This helped us decide what ingredients we wanted to put on our pizzas.

Pineapple, black olives and yellow cheese and that's it!

Cheese, black olives, mushrooms, pepperoni and that's all!


Black olives, cheese, and pineapple

Black olives, cheese and fishies!
 At long last it was time for the ultimate creation... PIZZA!

In honor of the Chalk Art Festival that took place in downtown last weekend, our very last pizza creation was a giant chalk pizza.

Looks good enough to eat!

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