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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Games

The Summer Olympics were not only in full swing in London, England, but also here at Rainbow Connection.

The bears in Ready, Set, Go! by Stan and Jan Berenstain had a Bear Olympics and gave us ideas for our Olympics.

We started the week decorating flags to represent Rainbow Connection. We used the colors of the olympics- red, green, blue, yellow and black.

When complete and dry, we had an Olympic parade.

Olympic rings were created as we dipped cans, jars and lids in paint to create a montage of Olympic colors.
Competitions began with all kinds of ballgames indoors and out- field hockey (fly swatters and balloons), soccer (soccer balls and a goal), beach volleyball (beachballs and a net) and badmitton.

Gymnastics competition was a favorite as we somersaulted, cartwheeled and did some floor exercises.
Next was swimming competition...
The last events of the week were Taekwondo competitions at Action Family ATA.
We competed in punching...
breaking boards
and standing like a Black Belt.
We had such a great competition, we got to play "Dragon, Dragon, What Time is it?"
Winner medals were presented to each and every competitor for all of our amazing competitions throughout the week.
We are all winners!

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