"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million." -Walter Streightiff

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tide Pools

We spent the week playing in the water and exploring in tide pools. We read A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle and met many of his friends as we played.

Our tide pool was similar to a real tide pool, filled with sand, shells, crabs, fish and sea stars.

Sea anenomes were created using styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners. These creatures protect clownfish, like Nemo,  from their predators by releasing poison through their tentacles.
Playdough was rolled into balls and toothpicks were poked into them to make sea urchins, pokey little creatures that live in tide pools.
Using sponges of all shapes and sizes dipped in blues, green, turquoise and purple paint, we created some beautiful, unique seascapes.
Sea stars are so beautiful. We read about a beautiful little seastar in the book, Star of the Sea: A Day in the Life of a Starfish by Janet Halfmann.
Then, we created some to add to our seascapes using glue and colored sand.
We also made sea star cookies using sugar cookie dough and colored sugar.

Beautiful and delicious!
In Clumsy Crab by Ruth Halloway, we read about a crab who didn't like his claws until he was able to use them to help a friend in need.

Using our handprints dipped in red paint, we made crabs to add to our seascapes.

The finished products...

We sure had fun running through sprinklers at the Spray Park...

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