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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Who's in the Castle?

Who's in the castle?
We started out our week by listening to a story called "Goin' on a Dragon Hunt" with story cards for illustrations. We joined the king, the queen, Prince Robin, Jelly the Jester, the very magic magician and Knickolaus the Knight in shining armor as their adventure took them on a hunt for Princess Penelope and the fire-breathing dragon, Delbert. We traveled through tall, tall grass, a muddy river, a pile of sticks, a lake, a mountain, and finally to a cave where we found the princess and the dragon planning a birthday party for Delbert. 
Colored glue and sparkly, shiny collage materials became an invitation to create crowns as we talked about what it would be like if we lived in a castle. Would we be a king or queen, or a prince or princess? Who else would live with us? A jester? A knight in shining armor? A magician? Would there be a horse? A dragon? What color would our castle be? A lot of language happened in the creating of our crowns. 
Beautiful castle windows were created using squares of tissue paper and contact paper, giving them a stained glass effect. 
We experimented with magic potions just like the very magic magician in our story. 
"The queen of hearts, she made some tarts"...
Using biscuit dough and strawberry jam, we made our own strawberry tarts. 
They were delicious for snack!
After reading The Knight and the Dragon
we designed shields with things that represented us- a picture, favorite foods, movies, colors, etc. 
Then we designed castles with pictures of  "who's in the castle" and shapes to make windows, doors, floors and more.
We stood up our castles and used some simple catapults to "shoot" marshmallows, trying to get them over the castle walls. 
It was so much fun to meet those who might have lived in a castle...

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