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Friday, November 11, 2016

Barnyard Hullabaloo

Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O...
If you had been a little mouse in our school room this week, you would have heard this song sung quite a bit. We headed to the barnyard to meet up with a lot of the Old MacDonald's friends and help him with his work.
Old MacDonald Had A Farm
On this farm he had a tractor, 
We used tractors to help him plow the fields. 

On this farm he had some horses, 
We had a couple of horses to ride around the farm to help us with our chores.

On this farm he had a cow, 
We read about a silly cow who would not give any milk unless she could go to the moon.
Image result for no moon no milk
and another about a cow who wanted to fly. Silly cow. Cows can't fly. Or can they?!?!
Image result for cows can't fly
We had a great time milking Bessie! We had to be careful and pull gently on her utters so she wouldn't kick us. 
On this farm we churned some butter, 
We put Bessie's milk in an old fashioned butter churn and made butter to put on our crackers for lunch.
On this farm he had some ducks, 
We read about five little ducks and their mommy. They went out to play and when their mommy called them back, they didn't all come. They had to watch out for the fox, but in the end, they all wandered back. 
Image result for five little ducks book
We sang the song "Five Little Ducks" and dramatized with duck puppets. 
On this farm he had some sheep, 
We read about Mary and her little lamb,
Image result for mary had a little lamb book 
made our own little lambs with real sheep's wool, and told stories about them. It was a great fine motor activity. We had to use our finger muscles to pull the sheep's wool into little pieces. 
Her name is Marelishe.
My sheep loves to go for a walk.
She loves to go with her friends the ducks.
She likes to go with her friends the pigs
and she loves to go home with her mama.
She goes with her mommy and she goes with her sister.
She has a sister.

Her name is "Sheep".
She likes to eat some grass.
She lives on a farm.
The piggy is her friend.
They like to play in the mud.
The cow is her friend.
They play some music.
The duck is her friend.
They like to go to the moonlight.
They play in the muddy.
Her name is Lisa.
She lives in the meadow and she loves to go on
walks with me 'cause sheeps need air to stay alive.
She loves to play with other sheep.
She likes to go over to her friend's 'cause sheep
could have friends if they want to have.
She likes to go to the farm with me
and feed all the animals because animals need food.
She likes me to sheer her 'cause that feels good on her.
She needs to be sheered 'cause I need more
wool to make the world not cold.
Farmers need wool so the people aren't all shivery and cold.
She will grow more when she eats grass.
She loves to eat grass. 
Her name is Lindsy.
Her fleece is white as snow.
She runs around and sees ducks.
She lives in the Candy Land.
She likes to eat some things like worms.
She runs around with me everywhere I go.
On this farm he had some chickens, 
After reading Dora's Eggs,
Image result for dora's eggs
we played a game called "Fox and the Hen". Using a basket of eggs, one of us was the mother hen and had to protect her eggs. When she fell asleep, a sneaky fox came up (another of us) and took one of the eggs. When mother hen woke up, she had to try to guess who took the egg.
This game is great for cooperation, dramatization  and language. 
On this farm we made some bread, 
We made bread with the little red hen since her friends on the farm wouldn't help her. 
We got to touch some wheat so that we could see what it is like before it gets threshed and turned into flour.
Image result for little red hen book
Unlike the animals in the book, when asked, "Who will help me make the bread?" There was a resounding, "I will!"
We put flour, sugar and yeast into a bowl and stirred it. 
Then we added oil and water and stirred it again.
 We put a little flour on our hands so that the dough wouldn't stick to our hands,
 and began kneading it. This was our favorite part. We punched it and turned it over and punched it again. Wow! This is going to make our hand and finger muscles strong!
Next, we each took a hunk of the dough, rolled it into a ball and put it in the pan. We had our own little loaves of bread!
We each brushed melted butter onto our little loaves.
We headed out to play while we waited for our bread to rise and double in size!
Our little loaves baked for about 20 minutes in the oven and were done just in time for lunch. Did they ever smell good!
They tasted even better!
M'm M'm Good!
On this farm he had some pigs, 
We read Mrs. Wishy-Washy's Farm
and then we got down and dirty with the pigs on the farm. We played in the mud!
 It was really chocolate pudding...
On this farm he had some turkeys, 
We sang a fun song about turkeys 
as we strutted around,
Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble,
Fat turkeys, fat turkeys,
Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble,
Fat turkeys are we!
We walk very proudly
And gobble so loudly,
Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble,
Fat turkeys are we!
and then we used our hands to make turkeys with brightly colored feathers.
Inside a Barn in the Country  
Image result for in a barn in the country
included all of the animals on the farm. We read it and then played "Farm Animal Yoga" to complete our "Barnyard Hullabaloo". 

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