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Saturday, April 23, 2016

What's the Weather?

Weather was the topic of the week. We spent each day talking about the weather. We had notebooks to keep track of each day. Some of us drew pictures of what we saw each day.
On Monday, we talked about the wind and how it is air that is moving. After reading Who Took the Farmer's Hat? and The Wind Blew, we turned on the fan for some indoor wind.

To the tune of "Have You Seen the Muffin Man", 
we sang:
The wind was playing tricks today.
It almost blew me far away.
It almost knocked me off my feet.
As I went walking down the street.

The next time that I go outside.
The wind won't take me for a ride.
I know just what I will do.
I'll put some glue on the bottom of my shoe!

We used pinwheels to "see" the wind blow...

We talked about balloons being filled with air and chanted:
Five balloons, floating in the air
Floating in the air, without a care.
Along came a boy going to the store.
Then there were four.

Four balloons, floating in the air
Floating in the air, without a care.
Along came a fish, swimming out to sea.
Then there were three.

Three balloons floating in the air.
Floating in the air, without a care.
Along came a monkey, going to the zoo.
Then there were two.

Two balloons, floating in the air
Floating in the iar, without a care.
Out came the sun, shining just for fun.
Then there were none. 

The we used balloons to dip in paint and print on kite shapes...
When they were dry, we read The Flyaway Kite,
and then we took our kites outside and flew them as we sang, "Let's Go Fly a Kite"...
We found out we can make our own wind by blowing out air. We each had a cotton ball to try blowing across the table.
Will the wind blow it? We predicted whether or not certain things would blow in the wind, and then we used the fan for blowing.
On Tuesday, we talked about extreme wind- tornadoes and hurricanes. We read The Magic School Bus Inside a Hurricane
A tornado in a bottle illustrated for us the shape of a tornado.
After reading Hurricane! about a family who lives by the ocean and heads to a shelter when a hurricane hits their town, 
we used a bowl with colored water and a spoon to stir up a hurricane. 
To further illustrate, we experienced hurricanes and tornadoes on the parachute. We were each given a turn to move around and around in the middle. 
Wednesday started our study of clouds. Looking at the clouds can tell us a lot about weather. 
We read Little Cloud,
and It Looked Like Spilt Milk.
It's fun to look up in the clouds and see pictures just like in the book. We dribbled white paint on dark blue paper, folded it and then opened it up to see our cloud. It looked like..., but it was really a cloud!
We went on a cloud walk to not only see pictures in the clouds, but to match the clouds we see to our cloud viewer. We saw numerous cumulus clouds. We thought a storm might be brewing...
Wednesday was all about rain.
We read and sang, It's Raining, It's Pouring and then headed outside to pretend it was raining. Umbrellas added to our dramatization.
Rain makes puddles! After reading Puddles
we did some puddle jumping, with worms!
We had worms to put in our puddles as we jumped in them. We were careful not to step on our worms as we jumped.  
We sang a song called "Herman the Worm". 
After reading Thundercake, about a little girl afraid of thunder, we created a thunderstorm of our own with rhythm sticks. We added to our dramatization of a storm with the music, "Little April Showers" from the movie, "Bambi".

This was a great culmination to our week on weather!

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