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Friday, April 15, 2016

Art Exploration

Process art. That's what this week was all about. Process art is "an artistic movement as well as a creative sentiment where the end product of the art and craft is not the principal focus". It was all about the creative process.

It was also about a lot of really fun books, many of which have been added to our list of favorites.

Beautiful Oops! was the perfect book to start off the week. It shows us how mistakes are an opportunity to make something beautiful. 
Our art activity afforded us the chance to pick our size of paper, paint colors and painting tools- we had big brushes, little brushes and Q-tips... We also got to choose whether we wanted to paint at the table or at the easel.  Painting at the easel strengthens the muscles in the wrist even more than painting at the table. 
It's amazing what can happen with a dot...
We read the dot and proceeded to find out with our dot markers. 
Image result for the dot
The Day the Crayons Quit inspired us to create a group mural keeping in mind the feelings of each crayon.
Image result for the days the crayons quit
I Ain't Gonna Paint No More 
Image result for ain't gonna paint no more
had us looking forward to using body paint to paint parts of our body. We didn't enjoy it quite as much as we anticipated. Some of us were totally intimidated. We'll be anxious for summer so we can paint our bodies while in our swimming suits!
To make up for not really liking to paint our body parts, we cut the shape of our hands out of clay and painted them. We loved playing in the cool, soft clay.
After they were dry, we put on a base coat of the color of our choice. We used acrylic paints.
After the base coat was dry, we added designs...
The colors are delightful!
We do a lot of color mixing when we paint. After reading Mix it Up
Image result for mix it up
we mixed colors a little differently. Instead of mixing on the pallet, we used our hands. We painted each had a different color and then...we mixed it up, by rubbing our hands together. We printed them on paper to see the results. It was fun to predict the resulting color. We started with primary colors, but as time went on, some of us experimented with other colors as well. 
Here are some of our results-
It was a great week of exploring process art as well as a lot of new books. Our adventures will continue...

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