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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Yertle the Turtle

In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday, we celebrated by reading his books and participating in play activities centered around our favorites.
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Yertle the Turtle
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We loved this book! It's a new addition to our library of Dr. Seuss books and sure to be a favorite. 
Using water colors and tissue paper on upside down paper bowls and turtle shapes, we created our own little turtles. Some of us told stories about our turtles...
Mertyl the Turtle
I have a little turtle
Her name is Mertyl Turtle
I put her in the bathtub
 to see if she could swim,
She drank up all the water.
She ate up all the soap.
And now my Mertyl is sick in bed...
With a bubble in her throoooooooooooooat.
She got me all wet!

Lindsy the Turtle
My turtle's name is Lindsy.
She lives in a stream all by herself.
She feels sad.
One day another turtle came to her stream.
His name was Steve.
That made Lindsy happy.
Now she had a friend.

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