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Friday, March 11, 2016

Orange A"peel"

This week was all about oranges! 

Our manipulative table was filled with oranges- big ones and little ones. We had a scale for weighing, a balance for balancing them, and tape measures for measuring them. We used words like equal, balanced, weigh, measure, ounces, inches, big, bigger, little, littler, same, different...   
Our sensory bins were filled with things for discovery and exploration- pom poms of all sizes, balls of different textures and sizes, They all had two things in common...they were all orange and they were all round like an orange! 
Perhaps our favorite activity of the week was playing in orange water with orange juice cartons for pouring and mixing (an open-ended activity...great for eye-hand coordination and an awesome sensory experience).
After reading Oranges in January
Image result for oranges in january
we each picked an orange to investigate. We felt them, squeezed them, rolled them, threw them, smelled them, and thought of words to describe them. We also tried juggling them, just like the boy in the book. 
Next, we took them to the art table to use them for painting. We dipped them in orange paint.  
Some of us printed with them. Some of us used them as we would a paint brush. Each creation was unique.
After reading  the simple book, Orange, Pear, Apple Bear,
Image result for apple pear orange bear
we made orange juice. What a fun experience! We were quite adept at turning the orange on the juicer. It was a lot of work for a very little bit of juice but we had fun and it tasted delicious.
We were able to take it outside to enjoy it.
We used our orange juice peels to make a treat for the birds. We put a selection of dried fruit, seeds and nuts in a bowl and stirred them up.
We added peanut butter to the bottom of the orange peel. It was kind of like glue, to keep the ingredients from falling out of the orange peel and then we sprinkled the mixture on top.
When we were done, we took them outside to put them around our play area. Now we have to watch for birds. Surely they'll enjoy the treats! 
We loved the book, Big Orange Spot, 
Image result for big orange spot
a story about creativity and individuality- it's okay to be different was the way we summarized it.
We used our creativity and individuality to collage with all kinds of orange materials on orange house shapes representative of the "big orange splot" on Mr. Plumbean's house.  
Orange play dough topped off the week. We had some leftover orange peels and lots of other orange stuff to add to our play. 
Oranges are quite a"peeling"!

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