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Monday, August 17, 2015

Ants in Your Pants

From egg to larva to pupa to ant and then it starts all over again- that's the life cycle of an ant. We learned quite a bit about ants from the book, 
Are You an Ant?
We used paper plates to illustrate the cycle. 
We talked about the body parts of an ant and then choosing between black and red, we painted the head, thorax and abdomen of our own egg carton ants. Most of us chose to use both colors. 
The ants go marching one by one, Hurrah! Hurrah!
We read a book by the same name...
We created habitats for ants by constructing tunnels on mound shapes. 
We added beans for eggs, pipe cleaners for larva, and pom poms for pupa. We stamped little ants, marching in and out of the tunnels. 
Hey, Little Ant became a favorite book of the week. 
It was up to us to decide how the story would end... 
Would you step on the ant?????
We each wrote our own ending to the story.
What's an ant's favorite food to eat? We prepared a plate of things we thought they might like, and then we set it out and waited...
Here come the ants...
We waited and watched.
We played "Picnic Snatcher", a great game for testing our memory. We had a pretend picnic. As we rested on our picnic blanket, ants came and took some of our food. We had to recall what was on the plate so that we could name the missing item. We took turns being the ants. 
No peeking!

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