"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million." -Walter Streightiff

Monday, May 25, 2015

Garden Sprouts

Working and shopping in the Garden Shop was one of our favorite activities of the week. There were flowers, pots, seeds and watering cans for sale. 
Sticky boards helped us put together a flower puzzle. There were seeds, roots, stems, leaves and petals. 
We read Jack's Garden by Henry Cole
and then at the painting easel, we created gardens using seeds glued to the bottom of our paper as a starter for creativity. 
Our sensory table was filled with pots, soil, seeds, garden gloves- everything needed to start a garden. It gave us lots of  gardening practice.
Creating a "Rainbow Garden" seemed like the perfect thing to do after reading Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert. 
We also practiced planting gardens with green, brown and black playdough. We had pots, seeds and flowers to help with our dramatization. 
"How to plant a garden" was our topic for writing...
Dissecting a flower gave us a chance to review the names of all of a flower's parts- stem, leaves, petal and seeds... We mounted the parts on a piece of contact paper.
We did an experiment with carnations and colored water to show how plants or flowers drink water.
We loved the results!
A magnifying glass and a variety of seeds gave us a chance to compare and contrast different seeds. We used words like little, big, long, round, striped, etc.
We culminated the week with The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. 
We planted our own "tiny seeds" that we could watch grow, and then we dramatized a tiny seed growing in the earth. As we grew and swayed in the wind to the song, "Reach Up High", we were watered with a hose and watering can, the sun shone down upon us and bees and butterflies came to visit. 
Watch us grow...

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