"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million." -Walter Streightiff

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dragon Adventures

The week was filled with one dragon adventure right after another...
We followed dragon footprints to a dragon’s lair. The dragons who lived there were friendly and allowed us to"hang out" with them.
The sensory table was the dragons’ nesting grounds. We had dragon eggs which were hatching as we explored.
We absolutely loved all of the dragon books of the week: The EggThe Great Dragon Rescue and The Dragon Snatcher by M.P. Robertson.
"Goin' on a Dragon Hunt" was a favorite activity of the week.
Goin' on a dragon hunt
Gonna catch a big one
I'm not afraid,
'Cause I'm a mighty dragon hunter...
We went through the grass, sticks, mud, swam through a lake, climbed a tree and went into the dragon cave.
When we returned home, we made maps to document our adventure.
Dragons are beautiful, mystical creatures. We had dragon shapes on which to add scales with tissue paper. Each dragon was unique.
We used our maps to head out on another dragon adventure and when we got to the cave, we discovered a fire-breathing dragon... 
We chanted:
I’m being swallowed by a fire-breathing dragon
A fire-breathing dragon, a fire-breathing dragon.
I’m being swallowed by a fire-breathing dragon,
And I don’t like it very much!
as we crawled through the body of a fire-breathing dragon!
We read There's No Such Thing as a Dragon,
and it made us wonder... but, after our adventures this week, we know that dragons really do exist, at least in our imaginations. 

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