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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Teddy Bear Picnic

"If you go down in the woods today...

Bears are everywhere! Our favorite bears are the Three Bears who have an encounter with Goldilocks. We read a couple of renditions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears 

and then we dramatized the story over and over again. We took turns playing the different parts. We had props and simple costumes to help us dramatize.
Our sticky board had pieces to help us retell the story as well. We had to compare the foam pieces- small, medium and large bears, bowls, chairs and beds.
All kinds of collage materials were used- buttons, beads, eyes, fabric and foam shapes, to design bears of our very own. 
We played, "Goin' on a Bear Hunt"
and then we had a bear obstacle course with a big mountain to climb. We sang, "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" as we climbed. 
We used the parachute with our bears and sang some more bear songs as we moved them up and down and around and around on the parachute. 
Corduroy thought no one wanted to be his friend because he was missing a button. So, he went on a hunt for his missing button. We read his stories by Don Freeman
and then in a sensory bin, we sorted buttons. 
A science experiment with gummy bears had us predicting what would happen when we leave gummy bears in water for awhile. We had many different ideas of what would happen. 
It was fun to have a picnic for lunch one day. Due to the uncooperative weather, we spread out the parachute and had an indoor picnic with our bear friends.
Today's the day, the teddy bears have their picnic!"

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