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Sunday, September 18, 2016

All About Me

This week was all about ME...
The most important thing about "me" is my name! It is the most personal and special thing about me. We did activities with our very special, unique names. In our sensory bin, we had letter beads to sift through and collect, looking for the letters to our names. Some of us made necklaces and bracelets. We read Chrysanthemum, a story about a little mouse whose name was very special to her until she went to school and the other kids teased her. In the end, she was back to loving her very unique name. 
Image result for chrysanthemum book
We counted the letters in our names and used watercolors to decorate our names for our books, "All About Me".
A flower garden on the wall shows how tall we each are. We compared our heights to each other's using the words like shortest, tallest, smallest and biggest.
Standing on a scale, we were able to see how much we weight. WOW! We are all getting so big!
We read and talked about our hands and fingers...
Image result for hand hand fingers thumb
"Where is Thumbkin" is a favorite song of ours...
We painted our hands and printed them on paper. 
We experimented to answer the question, "How many things can your hand hold?" We had different sized paper hands and blocks to help us answer the question.
While listening to a favorite song by Parachute Express, "High 5 Ious", we ran around the play yard giving "high fives". We looked around for hands to "high five"- hand prints hidden around the yard!
Our next investigation was our fingerprints. We printed each of our fingers and thumbs on our hand shapes and then used a magnifying glass to look us close.
Then we used our fingers and hands for finger painting. It was a great sensory experience and also a great activity for color mixing.
We read The Foot Book and then we used our feet for painting- another awesome sensory experience.
Image result for the foot book
We used our  hands, feet and other body parts to do the "Hokey Pokey"!
That's what it's all about!
We read the book, Two Eyes, a Nose and a Mouth.
 Image result for two eyes a nose and a mouth book
Everybody is different. We looked in a mirror to see our special characteristics- the color of our eyes, our hair, the shape of our nose and mouth. Then we used basic shape faces to create self portraits. 
We opened our mouths and counted our teeth. 
"Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" started us talking about all of our body parts- from head to toe.
We read I Like Me 
Image result for i like me
and then used collage materials to create on body shapes.

We've spent lots of time talking about our physical body parts- the parts we can see. We read The Way I Feel 
Image result for the way i feel
and talked about different feelings and what makes those feelings surface. 
Can you guess how we feel?
Last, but certainly not least, we talked about what holds our bodies us so we don't tumble around and fall like rag dolls. It's Dem Bones!
Image result for dem bones
We did the "Skeleton Dance" to move our parts with bones, 
   and then we used q-tips and white paint to paint bones on body shapes.
It's been a busy couple of weeks. 
I've learned a lot about me!

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