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Friday, May 6, 2016

Mexican Fiesta

We had a fun-filled week celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a Mexican Fiesta.

We started the week with strips of newspaper and starch to create a pinata. We tore the paper into strips and then we had to dip the strips in the starch and then place them on a big round balloon. Before decorating, we had to let it dry.
To get into the spirit of a fiesta, we tried on sombreros and serapes.
Taco Tuesday had us creating taco collages, 
playing Mexican restaurant with taco ingredients
 and then to top it all off... a taco bar for lunch!
We love tacos!

When our pinata was dry, we used diluted glue and pieces of colored tissue paper to make our pinata bright and colorful.
We read the books by Ann Whitford Paul- Tortuga in Trouble, Manana Iguana, Fiesta Fiasco and Count on Culebra. We learned some Spanish by reading them over and over again.
Maracas make such awesome music. We used plastic bottles to fill with colored chick peas- a great activity for eye-hand coordination and strengthening the pincer grasp used for writing later on. They'll be fun to shake at our fiesta.

We ended the week with our fiesta.
We made sopaipillas and dipped them in honey.
We jumped like Mexican jumping beans and shook our maracas to "La Cucaracha".
Our fiesta wouldn't be complete without doing the Mexican Hat Dance. We kicked and jumped, walked and ran around the sombrero to the Mexican Hat Dance tune.
We took turns smacking the pinata as we counted in Spanish.
When we finally got it open, there were treats galore!
Our treats and sopaipillas made for a great celebration...

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