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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Monster Mash

This theme  is inspired by the books written by Ed and Rebecca Emberly about monsters:
If You're a Monster and You Know It
Go Away, Big Green Monster!

There Was an Old Monster
and by Ann Miranda,
Glad Monster, Sad Monster:A Book About Feelings
We loved them all and read, sang and dramatized them over and over again...

"Moody monsters" was a fun table game to play.
We had to match monsters with moods- happy, sad, surprised, frightened, silly, angry, etc. It helped us to talk about feelings. 
 We pretended to be monsters with different feelings. The book, Glad Monster, Sad Monster, helped us with this as well.
We had a great time playing in the sensory bin filled with monsters of all kinds. There was monster food, monster eggs and there were even monster eyeballs to throw and catch!
Cookie monster made an appearance this week.
We had fun feeding him beanbag cookies.
We drew monster faces on balloons and practiced throwing and catching. While we played we moved to "The Monster Mash".
All of the  colorfully illustrated monster books inspired us to make unique shape monsters. This was a great language activity as well as art!
Our ABC Monster was thrilled that we fed him lots of letters and words. He was pretty particular about what he wanted to eat, so we tried to please him by feeding him the correct letters and/or words. 
We made "Blob Monsters". We used eye droppers to dribble paint onto our paper. When satisfied, we folded the paper in half it, smoothed it and then opened it up.
My monster is Cookie Monster. 
He likes to eat cookies!
He likes to eat bears.
He lives outside. 
He is a happy monster.
My monster is happy.
She likes to ride in the snow.
She climbs in the trees.
She likes to eat corn.
She lives in the queen's castle.
Her favorite color is purple.
She walks around in the castle.
She is pretty.
My monster likes to hop around in the snow.
Her name is Aurora.
She has a pet monster and her name is Petite.
She has lots of furry skin and she likes to lick her paws.
She lives in a golden castle.
She is a happy monster.
Her snack is bugs.
She likes to make little castles.
She likes to pick flowers.
Her favorite color is turquoise.
My monster eats marbles.
Her name is Kinker.
She is green, purple, orange and red.
She is a happy monster.
She lives in a town.
She likes to bounce in the rain.
She has two eyes.

Amazing Blob Monsters and stories to accompany them!

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