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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Apple Antics

Before we could play and experiment with apples, we went shopping at the "Apple Store" for a variety of apples- big ones, little ones, red ones, green ones, yellow ones and even some multi-colored ones. We weighed them, bagged them and paid for them. We took turns being the customer and the cashier. We were pretty busy, because after all, it's apple season!
We picked apples from the apple tree.
For some, we had to climb way up high on the ladder. Others we were able to reach from the ground. 
We sampled them to make sure they were tasty :)
They were!

To the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", we sang as we climbed:
Way up high in the apple tree
Two little apples looked down at me.
I shook that tree just as hard as I could.
Down came the apples and Mmmm, they were good.
I shook that tree just as hard as I could,
Down came the apples and Mmmmm, they were good.

We cut up some apples and made applesauce for lunch! We just left the peel on. We put them in a pot and added water, honey and cinnamon. When they were fork-tender, we put them in the blender.
We used some of our apples for printing. We painted apple halves with red, green and yellow paint and printed them on paper.
 We read Ten Apples up on Top by Theo. LeSieg
aka Dr. Seuss.
Then just like in the book, we tried balancing apples (we used beanbag apples) on our heads. It made us kind of giggly. We tried balancing them on other body parts- knees, feet, hands and shoulders.
There's no way we could balance ten apples like they do in the book!
All week we sang a song about a worm and some apples,
to the tune of "Three Little Monkeys":

Three little apples hanging in a tree
Teasing Mr. Squirmy Worm,
“You can’t eat me. You can’t eat me.”
Here comes Mr. Squirmy Worm as quiet as can be...
Two little... One little...
No little apples hanging in a tree.
But here comes Mr. Squirmy Worm
As fat as he can be!

In honor of "Mr. Squirmy Worm, we dipped pretend worms in paint and used them to paint on apple shapes.
Worms are quite the artists!
We read The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall
and then we made our own little apple pies.

Peeling the apples using the apple peeler was probably our favorite part.
After they were peeled and cored, we cut the apples into little pieces.
We made a mixture of cinnamon and sugar in which to stir the apples.
We rolled out the dough and put the apples in the pan.
The apples were added to the pan and we dotted them with butter.
We added the top crust and then baked them in the oven and allowed it to cool.
What masterpieces!
We liked the process a lot more than we did the product!

Our vote for favorite book of the week is, Ouch! by Ragnhild Scamell and Michael Terry. It’s about a little hedgehog who gets an apple stuck in her spine. Now she doesn’t fit in her new home! What will she do?...

It was a fun week, a productive week-
a delicious week!

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