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Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday, we celebrated by reading his books and participating in play activities centered around our favorites.
Cat in the Hat
We tried on a hat just like the cat wore,
and we decorated our own hats with glue sticks and strips of paper we cut with scissors. This was great scissor practice!
At the easel, we had hat shapes and red paint.
The Shape of You, the Shape of Me
Shapes filled our magnet board. We used them to create familiar designs and sort them according to color and shape.
We had our bodies, hands, feet and heads traced so that we could see our shapes. 
Ten Apples Up on Top
Sorting, weighing, measuring, counting, selling and stacking apples took place at the "Apple Store".
 We each balanced one apple on our head 
and then added some more with apple printing.
If I Ran the Zoo
We had animal puzzles to put together. We liked our animals just the way they are.
Green Eggs and Ham
We used green eggs for a couple of activities. In a sensory bin, we filled green eggs with water beads as we scooped, sorted and poured them.
Those same green eggs were used for an open-ended art activity. We dipped the eggs in green paint and printed them on paper.
Using a drop of green food coloring, we scrambled green eggs for lunch. 
We had fun making them but even "Sam I Am" couldn't talk two of us into eating them. 
One of us was brave and actually liked them!
We made a graph to illustrate our preferences...

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
Colored goldfish crackers made for a fun sorting and counting activity for snack one day.
Playing "Go Fish" was a fun cooperative game to play.
We loved all of the fish illustrations in our book. We decided we wanted to make fish of our own. First we drew them and then we painted over them with watercolors. Next, we put our fish in fishbowls. We named them and told stories about them. We were just like real authors and illustrators.
And To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street
We decorated "imagination scopes" so that we could go on a walk and use our imaginations as the boy did in the book.
And to think that I saw it...
Fox in Socks
We collaged on sock shapes for some pretty "foxy" looking socks...
Great Day for Up!
Our "UP" obstacle course made it a great day for up!
And then, we continued our "great day for up" outside in the snow...
                              The Foot Book
What else could we do with this book besides paint with our feet!
The Tooth Book
We had a fun time brushing pretend teeth. It was great tooth-brushing practice.
We even had a tooth shape at the easels to brush with toothpaste paint. Awwww! The lovely smell of peppermint :)
Dr. Seuss's ABC
We had an ABC sensory bin filled with ABC beads of all colors and sizes. Some of us used pipe cleaners to "string" the beads. 
We also had abc's on our magnetic board.
Hooper Humperdink...? Not Him! 
is filled with names from A to Z. We each have our own unique name. We practiced writing the letters of our names in shaving cream. It was fun to move it around with our hands. 
What a great sensory experience!
It was definitely a Seuss-filled week!
We topped it off with a movie on Friday- "The Lorax". 

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